Winter Musings on the Porch

It’s 31 degrees here in Mississippi. That’s cold by anyone’s standards. And while perhaps, you porch folk in Maine and Wisconsin are covered up in snow, what do you do on a front porch when it’s cold besides drink a cup of hot tea or coffee?

Well, this morning, I find myself dreaming about what I want to add to my porch come springtime, and while visiting my favorite online site, Pinterest, I ran across this image of a container water garden.

Ah, magical! And off my imagination went, thinking of where and what I would add: fish? horsetail reeds? a fountain?

And then my feet started to numb and I thought perhaps my first project should be a quilt or porch socks. So, I’m back inside now, but with ideas beginning to dance in my head. And perhaps that is part of the purpose of the winter porch: to muse and dream and plan for spring.

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