What Makes Up the Perfect Porch?

Truth be told, I vacillate between thinking a porch is a porch and any furnishings will do, to craving the stunning furnishings you see below.

On occasion, like this morning, I come across an image of a porch that brings up in me a deep longing. This is a porch in a Sunbrella fabric advertisement and I thought I’d dissect what makes this so dang appealing. Here’s what I came up with. Let me know what I missed.

What makes up the perfect porch?

What makes up the perfect porch?

1. The lovely wicker furniture is the first eye catcher. It’s lush and robust and probably very pricey. If it’s high quality, it will last several generations with the right care. The chair, loveseat, coffee table and side table are a perfect combination. And looking under the chair, I see a round base, which makes me think this chair swivels. How perfect for various conversational arrangements.

2. The very pretty roller shades caught my eye. This is how we make porches really livable, with shading fabric that we can roll down or roll up depending on what the sun is doing. To me, this speaks of self respect. The shades also create a sense of boundaries and semi privacy that could be wanted even at night or when the sun is not shining brightly. The colors are lovely. What would you call those colors? Mango? Light teal? Periwinkle?

3. Of course, the trees and open space beyond the porch are something to love, but not all of us will have that. But this porch does have greenery on the porch — a fern, asparagus fern, potted plant on the table, tropical leaves at top right, and ivy on bottom right — and we can all manage some of that.

4. The thick porch post and the simple yet elegant railing is a clean backdrop to any porch activities.

5. The wicker cushions are obviously very high quality, both in the fabric and the depth of the cushions. No thin junk here. And the blue piping set off by the pillow trim, the woven throw and the pot on the table all pull together for a lovely cohesiveness.

6. I’m always up for lemonade.

7. Finally, the sisal rug on the porch deck grounds the whole ensemble.

Did I miss anything?

2 Comments on What Makes Up the Perfect Porch?

  1. The throw blanket is a good accessory, especially now that cooler weather is on the way… makes staying out on the porch even easier in the Fall :-)

    • Kathy Price-Robinson // September 24, 2014 at 4:36 am // Reply

      Yes, Mark, good catch! That throw seems to suggest that colder weather is on the way and that this porch is ready for some chilly days and evenings.

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