Uh, Why Is There A Full-size Front Porch Inside a Sports Arena?

Norton Commons

Strange as it may seem, there is now a full-size front porch and house facade inside the main concourse of a sports arena in Louisville, Ken.

Norton CommonsWe’ll get to why the porch is there, but we hesitate to say the name of sports arena. OK, here goes: it’s the KFC Yum! Center, home of the Louisville Cardinals’ mens basketball team. With all due respect to KFC and its good deed being a sponsor, this naming of the arena is just one step removed from calling it the “KFC You Better Go Buy Some of This Delicious Cluck Cluck Right Now Center.” But, OK. Let’s move on.

So why is there a front porch inside a sports arena? It’s the brilliant idea of a housing developer, Norton Commons, who helps sponsor the arena. In order to draw attention to their large planned community called Norton Commons, just outside of Louisville, they built this porch and facade. They figure fans can hang out there before, during and after events. And perhaps they will get a hankering to get a front porch for themselves, and go make a home purchase at Norton Commons.

So here’s the BIG NEWS! It seems as though all or most of the homes in the Norton Commons community have full-size front porches! We are so happy we could cry. That means the folks and families who buy these homes don’t have to stay cooped up in their homes or hidden in their back yards. They can sit out on their front porches, greet the neighbors, enjoy tea or cocktails out there, really build community.

So no matter what the arena is called, the important thing is that these developers put front porches on their homes and they are so proud of that fact and see it as such a big selling point, that they plunked one right inside a sports arena.

Now, go buy one of those homes.

Top image: Sporting News
Bottom image: Louisville Business First


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