Two Red Chairs and How Do You Do?


Here at Front Porch Nation, we are in love with what we call The Porch Impulse. Even when there is no porch, folks want the porch experience. They want to sit outside and enjoy this glorious planet. Maybe they want to smoke cigarettes, or sit with their dog, or wave to passersby and not feel so lonely.

Whatever the reason, we fully support doing what it takes to satisfy The Porch Impulse. Here, two red adirondack chairs set the scene, with a rustic trellis in the background, a palm, and some red flowers to the left and right. The little green lantern is sweet. However, I wonder how they protect this scenario from thieves. Sorry to say, it happens. Often you’ll see chains around some porch equipment that is close to the sidewalk.

Also of note is the overhang over the front door area. That is an obvious plant-on, and not too elegant compared to the style of the house, but it’s better than no protection at all.

This is a sweet scene that allows the occupants to come outside and interact with their neighbors. So, hello to you, whoever you are!!!!

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