Tiny Porch: Before and After

front porch "before" and "after"

How big does your porch have to be to count?

Not much, I promise.

Look what these wonderful folks did in their before and after porch renovation!

tiny porch redo "before"

“Before” just a little space, trying to be friendly.

What do you see in the “before?” Well, we see effort in the form of some plants and trying to work with the ironwork and some thought out pieces of pottery. The old paint, which in this photo you can see they are just starting to freshen up, is a typical 60s and 70s avocado “nature” green. Frankly, this space is nothing to write home about. It is simply a cozy space in an up-and-coming part of town.




After simply takes your breath away:

  1. vibrant, tonal update on the green paintTiny porch "after" is breathtaking
  2. color pop with the front door and window trim
  3. fresh black paint on the ironwork and addition a focal point on the brick wall
  4. coordinating pot of seasonal flowers (in this instance, coral impatients) to tie the green, and orange of the door and steps.

What did we miss?

What would you do or add to this porch?

A couple of chairs, instead of the extra pots on the one side,  a little table for your drink…and we’re all set! Front porch LOVE!

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