Thief Displays Stolen Porch Chairs on His Own Front Porch; Gets Busted

Allegedly Stolen White Chairs

Pardon me for laughing at a potential crime, but this is kind of funny. A thief allegedly stole some white wooden chairs from in front of a business in Leesburg, Fla. It happens. People steal things all the time. But this thief then proceeded to showcase the chairs on his front porch. That was a sweet deal until the owner of the business where the chair were stolen happened to drive by and see them. Oops.

In his defense, the man said he found the chairs “in the neighborhood” and thought they were trash. However, security camera footage showed a man matching this guy’s description trying to break into the business.

Cops found another item allegedly stolen from the business inside the house and the man was arrested.

Note to robbers: Don’t display the fruits of your alleged crime spree on the front porch. Just sayin’.

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(Note: Image for illustration purposes only. These are not the stolen chairs.)

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