The Porch Poll — Do I Go With a Wrought Iron or Wood Porch Set?

I normally like an eclectic grouping of porch furniture, but I’ve got the hankering to get a matched set. Some family members are visiting soon and I want to fix up my porch.

Funds are rather modest, at about $300, and I’ve got two scenarios in mind: One wood and one wrought iron.

Wood Porch Set


Wood Set ($300 approx.)

I like this especially because it’s made of wood certified as sustainably harvested by the Forest Stewardship Council. This set originally caught my eye because it’s on clearance for $100 off. And I always like wood. The cushions are a nice sage color and look think. But the reviews are not that great.

Here is it: Delahey 5-Piece Wood Porch Set
Cost: $300 (approx.)

Wrought Iron Porch Set


Wrought Iron Set ($300 approx.)

This set has chairs that gently rock on their bases. Plus, I guess it reminds me of childhood where we had an iron set like this. The reviews are great and I love the look of it. The cushions look to be a little thin, but those can be replaced as needed.

Here it is: Better Homes and Gardens Clayton Court 5-piece Patio Dining Set, Wrought Iron Table and 4 Chairs, Red Cushions, Seats 4
Cost: $300 (approx.)

What do you think?

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