The Porch Impulse . . . Alive and Well All Over The United States

Raymond Miss Porch ImpulseWe’ve traveled all over the country looking for front porches and the friendly, out-reaching folks and doggies that enjoy them. Sometimes we see houses with no porches at all, often with just a walkway to the front door and then . . . nothing.

You’re either outside the house, or inside the house, behind the door. There is no middle ground where you can interact with your neighbors.

Some folks, though, have what we call “The Porch Impulse,” and they manage to find a way to create a place out front where they can interact with their world.

Check out The Porch Impulse examples we have come across:

The Porch Impulse

A gorgeous house in a gorgeous Louisiana neighborhood. But what’s this? No porch?


The Porch Impulse

Not to worry! This family hung a modern take on the porch swing from a tree in the front yard. How clever is that?


The Porch Impulse
A view of the swing from down the street.


Front Porch Nation

Here’s a sweet bench and pillows outside a house. And how about those big house numbers on the door? How cool is that?


The Porch Impulse

Here’s a more modest take on The Porch Impulse. All it takes is two chairs and a table you’re ready to interact with your neighbors.


The Porch Impulse

Another fancy house with no porch whatsoever. (But we are fascinated by the giraffe stained glass in the upper right windows. How sweet is that?)


The Porch Impulse

No porch? No problem? Here is another solution. A metal swing hanging from a tree, and a wonderful circular bench around that tree. You can see that it helps to have a big tree in your front yard!


The Porch Impulse

We spotted this lovely little scene in Annapolis, Maryland. What a wonderful spot for a spot of tea, and for perhaps a bit of waving or nodding to your neighbors.


The Porch Impulse

In Raymond, Miss., one doorway is average and the other is welcoming, thanks to The Porch Impulse!

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