The Most Perfect Porch Ever? — Sanbornville, New Hampshire

Front Porch New Hampshire
(Sanbornville, NH) How we admire this front porch! The tiny patches of yard in front are used beautifully. And what a lovely color palette. It’s tasteful and not overdone. We could move in immediately. We don’t like get that competitive spirit going too strongly when it comes to the subject of porches, but isn’t this just one of the best porches ever?

Front Porch New Hampshire
However, one of the young people along on the porch hunting expedition thought it was “spooky.” He thought that in the winter it would look like a ghost house. That is an interesting perspective and we welcome all ideas. What do you think?

Front Porch New HampshireHere’s what helps makes this porch so very alluring:

  • Its modest size. Yes, that makes this a superior porch in some ways because a small porch is easier to decorate and more doable for those of us with modest-sized homes.
  • The beautiful color-coordinated gardens to admire from the porch. We always think it’s a pity to see gorgeous front landscaping without a porch. Then, only the passersby get to enjoy the beauty, rather than the one(s) who made it all happen.
  • The stone steps! We want those in our living room!
  • The porch railing is pleasant and perfect. We all need some kind of subtle boundary to feel comfortable on our porches. This does that.
  • The pleasant blend of colors and textures. Note the pale green siding, the cream-colored trim, the lavender (!) scalloped siding and the grays of the roofing. All all “goes,” if you know what we mean.
  • And speaking of lavender, those wicker chairs! with the green striped cushions. Harmony, dear, that’s what we’re talking ’bout.
  • And of course we’re a big fan of a small table on which to put your ice tea. Totally necessary.
  • And what about this purple wicker table?

Front Porch New Hampshire
As you can see, the yard is really an extension of the porch, where you can putter and futz and delight yourself and others. Bravo and well done!

Front Porch New Hampshire

Front Porch New Hampshire

Your thoughts? Is this an award-winning porch?

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