Erica on the Porch — The Irresistible Morning Call

Front Porch Nation

Erica Robinson, Porchista, and Little One

How could I resist such a morning call?

These past few days have been so balmy and pleasant: a far cry from the usual “sweltering death” that is August in the Deep South.

I made the family breakfast and got the middle children on their bikes to ride to school and then took my first cup of coffee out to sit on my front porch.

Without makeup or glasses or even “dressed for the day,” I went out for a few minutes of solitude.

Some days, you can actually see the light glowing. It has a different vibrancy and texture on the skin. The world was slowly waking up and I could be a part of it. Cars slipped by as neighbors headed off to school and work.

Front Porch Nation

My youngest son came out to join me and, once I had set my coffee down, sit in my lap. Even the cat, Luna, who has long since given up outdoor life, in favor of indoor luxury, came out and sat for a while.

Front Porch NationWe three listened to the different birds and watched the bees busy at work on the angelonia flowers.

Front Porch NationI noticed my toe polish matched. How had that happened? Was it a subconscious gesture to be a part of my porch?

A neighbor and her baby strolled by and I got up to smile and chat for a moment, at first not knowing who she was (no glasses, remember), but as I got closer, I realized she was one of my son’s friend’s mom and my smile widened and conversation lengthened.

When Kathy and I started Front Porch Nation, we knew that the concepts behind it were good and that you could change the world “one front porch at a time.”

Front Porch NationI have lived on my porch a lot these past weeks, and can truly say, without effort, it is changing me, and I did not expect that.

It is changing me into a calmer, more gracious soul. A soul more open to her world. A soul more willing to see goodness, kindness and friendship all around me.

Make time to be a part of your front porch. You just might be in for a surprise at what happens.

~ Erica



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