The Bench for 3 Weird Friends

81ZNA40fYoL._SL1500_We’re not exactly saying that you and your friends are weird. Or that your kids are weird, or you and your significant other are weirdos. You’re just different from each other. Right? Oh, goodness, we hope so!!!

If so, behold! A bench with three different backs. It looks like three metal chairs welded together. And maybe it is? Who are we to judge?

The typical process to find an item like this is to get in your car and drive all around the country, from Minnesota to Louisiana to New Mexico, stopping at every barn sale and consignment shop until you spot the magic bench. All that’s left is the bickering over the price.

But wait . . . we’ve just saved you 4 months and about a million gallons of gas because we found this charmer on Amazon. Now that’s weird.

Check it out in the Front Porch Nation Store.

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