Some People Got Game: The Holiday Porch

Front Porch Nation
Talk about classy! This holiday porch has got game. It’s very simple, with two nets of white lights on either side, and two nets inside the front windows. I imagine whoever lives here must be a professional decorator. If Front Porch Nation co-founder Erica was in town, I’m sure she would knock on the door ask what’s up?

Front Porch Nation

You may remember this porch from the Halloween days when its black cats got my doggie all worked up. I see that one of the cats in the far left corner is still there.

Front Porch Nation

Also, notice the cat skeleton in the transom window above the door. Before this house was purchased and fixed up, it was very beaten down. The woman who lived there would put dog food on the porch for the raccoons. Many evenings when I walked by, the raccoons would scatter as my dog and I approached, and one or two would scurry up the iron screen door and into the metal grate above the door, where that cat skeleton is now, and cling on until we passed.

I was a bit dismayed when the new owners cut off half the sitting porch (it once spanned the entire width of the house) and turned what remained into more of a landing spot than a bonafide porch. There really should be a law against that.

But you have to admit, the most current iteration of this house is pretty darn classy.

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