Senior Assisted Living — Here’s How It’s Done Right!

Vintage Gardens Assisted LivingWho knows? There is a slight possibility that a member of the Front Porch Nation (which includes us and all of you) will end up in a senior assisted living facility. Stranger things have happened. And if we had one request, it would be for a front porch!

Check out these images from the 32-acre Vintage Senior Living Campus in St. Joseph, Missouri.

We love the health-bringing function of the front porches, giving seniors a chance to get out of the isolation of their own little residence — and away from that blasted television! — and visit with family, neighbors and friends. No need to drive anywhere for conversation and fresh air. Just open  your door, step out onto the porch and BAM! you’re socializing.

Vintage Gardens Assisted Living

Over here at Front Porch Nation, we’d like everyone who’s looking for an assisted living situation to ask this question first: Does it have a front porch?

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