The Seaside Front Porch Vibe . . . How to Bring It Inland

What could be more relaxing than a seaside front porch? But if you live several hundred nautical miles away from the nearest beach, how can you bring that same vibe to your front porch?

We’ve been studying some seaside front porches around the country and here’s what we’ve noticed.

What makes up a seaside front porch?

Coastal Cottage Dreams

SOUTH CAROLINA — From the delightful Coastal Cottage Dreams website, we see one important element: White and blue! This is a vibrant greenish blue. Notice how it’s used on the stair steps, hand rails, shutters and doors.

What a great porch floor!

What a great porch floor!

And the same amazing blue/green on the floor of the front porch just makes this space sing!

Also notice the white rocking chairs and the white table between them. The settee at the end is a natural reed color and we love the striped Sunbrella fabric cushion and the throw pillows with matching tones.

Our takeaway from this lovely porch: Using crisp colors and a limited number of colors makes for a very dramatic space. We give all praise to Kelly, the owner of Coastal Cottage Dreams. Could you see this color mix on your porch?

Shutters on the wall


Another trend we notice for the seaside vibe is texture on the walls. It could be the classic weathered shingles you see on New England homes. Or you could get a similar sensation with old shutters attached to the walls. Why be normal?

We also note open weave of the porch ceiling and the overhead fan. The lantern on the wall brings to mind yesteryear. Of course, white wicker or faux wicker furniture with blue cushions gives you an instant seaside impression. And again, the blue floor rocks it.

Harlequin Porch

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA — But what if you’re not the matchy matchy kind of porch person? What then? My we suggest inspiration from the Barclay Cottage bed and breakfast inn? The inn calls this its “Harlequin Porch.” It would be tremendous fun to sit in a different one of these chairs each day, just rotating the front porch enjoyment form one day to the next.

What are your strategies for beaching up your front porch?

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