Put Your Front Porch Freak On! — New York, N.Y.


One of the things I love about Halloween is that it is a chance for everyone to show off their fun and creative sides. All that originality and personal vibe starts to really show itself in fall porch decor.


While fellow porchista Kathy and I walked the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, we were both impressed with how much effort the people — from Madison Avenue to the neighborhoods around Prospect Park — put into to creating welcoming front spaces.


As you can imagine, there are not a lot of front yards in these big cities, but there is usually room for a bench or a chair or two. Those who are compressed enough to not even have that, made the most of their steps, stoops and windows.


And every one of them was saying, “Welcome!” and “Admire!” and “Join in the fun!”


It all made me wish I was a kid come Halloween night! Thanks, New York, for the treat of your city-style front porch life!

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