Product Review: Front Porch Grill by George Foreman — **** (4 Stars)


It’s almost dinnertime and we’ve got our dinner grilling on the front porch: artichoke hearts, sweet peppers, eggplant, bok choy, tofu. Oh my.

What makes all this delectable grilling possible is the George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill that we bought recently from Amazon Prime for $79.

Here are the reasons this grill makes sense on a front porch:

  • George Foreman GrillIt’s smallish, so that if you don’t have a big front porch you can still enjoy a grill.
  • It’s a nice alternative to giant professional style grill you might have in your backyard. You almost definitely don’t want a massive super grill pouring heat and smoke and grease around your sweet porch.
  • The grill is electric, which means you don’t have to worry about canisters of gas or charcoal.
  • And if you want, you can lift the whole thing off the stand and set it on your counter inside and keep on grilling.

But it’s fun to grill on the front porch! If you’re grilling for just a few folks, you can grill and eat on the porch for a very nice experience.

We give this grill 4 Stars **** out of a possible 5.

It’s sturdy and quite nicely engineered. We’ve only had it about a month, so we don’t know yet what to expect for longterm durability.

10584034_1476768379236892_7662241236285697141_n-1However, this grill can be a hassle to clean. It’s not a grill where the grease drops onto the charcoal or flame. Rather this is like a solid griddle with ridges with a slot where the grease flows down into a small aluminum pan.

Each time you cook, you have to unplug the electrical component, take the grill surface into the house, and wash it in the sink. When things stick to it, it’s a major downer. We do think we have solved the problem by applying cooking spray before each grilling session. Then, the cooked bits wash right off.

There’s also an issue with lid. It’s designed to lift off and then hang from the side of the grill via a rubbery gasket in the center of the inside of the lid. After all, unless the lid in hinged, you have to do something with it when you’re adding, turning or removing food items. The problem is that when the lid is hanging off the side of the grill, it obscures some of the grill surface.

And finally, don’t believe it when the packaging claims you can cook for 15 people with this grill. We don’t know why they would make such an outrageous claim. Sure, if you were making 15 White Castle-sized burgers, you could squeeze that many on there. But if you’re cooking vegetables and proteins, you might do well cooking for three or four.

For our purposes, this grill is, so far, a winner.

Get yours . . .

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