New Product Review: KILZ Clean Start Primer

Blue front porch
One day, when I wasn’t looking, my once-charming front porch went from shabby chic to just plain disgusting. I waited for the crew from HGTV’s Curb Appeal to show up. When they didn’t come, I decided to take on the job.

Here’s the porch I started with:

Front Porch Nation

As you can see, I had many challenges: mold, mildew, baked-on grime, faded paint, cracks and rust stains. After I got the porch cleaned up and the cracks filled with concrete patch, I applied a coat of KILZ Clean Start Primer.

I wanted to try out this product because it has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Organic in the previous phrase always throws me off. These fumes that evaporate into our lungs could also be called “volatile chemical compounds.” Sound scarier? This new product from KILZ was very pleasant to work with. It covered well, which what I have come to expect from KILZ, and I didn’t have to hold my breath as I worked.

Here’s what the porch looked like after the KILZ:

Porch ready for top coat

And here’s what it looks like after one coat of paint:

Painting done on porch
In my opinion, this looks pretty darn great. And with a high-quality primer, this paint job will last much longer than if I had just added the top coat alone. I don’t expect to paint this porch again for many years to come.

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