New Orleans and Bill’s Front Porch


10616479_827650353962884_5635514804909632720_nBill’s amazing porch is so packed full of good things. The thing that drew me to his porch was the Katrina era markings on the brickwork, made by the National Guard as they checked the houses on the street after the levees burst.

After noticing his, of course, they popped up everywhere, and I realized that these markings were a badge of honor and survival for those who had lived through the worst devastation of their lifetime.


It is cheerfully clear how much Bill, his family and his dog use their front porch. It is practically bursting with places to sit and eat or drink. Plants and flowers and little pieces of art and Saints team spirit fill the nooks and crannies.

10882192_827651030629483_1279311408543479396_nBut look closer: there is plenty of room to move about on this porch, which he shares with his neighbor who lives in this home that has been converted into a duplex.


Bill came out to meet me and was proud of his porch and how much it gets used on a daily basis. Well done, Bill!

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