Mid-century Modular Office With Front Porch — Savannah, Georgia

1024-11The story about the restored mid-century home in Savannah, Georgia, featured in the current issue of Residential Building Magazine, was a bit of a letdown.

After all, the home had virtually no front porch either before or after the restoration.

What? Really? No front porch in Savannah, perhaps the most charming city in the country? OK. Whatever.

Front Porch Nation

But then, in the backyard, the owners redeemed themselves and the house by adding a modular accessory building with, you guessed it, a front porch!

The building, by a company called AZUL, is elevated, to meet FEMA guidelines for a flood zone. And even though we are very connected to Mother Earth (thank you law of gravity), there’s something about an elevated office that really appeals to us.

Front Porch Nation

While the covered front porch (called a deck in the story, but we know it’s a porch) allows the building users to step out of the corrugated metal box and enjoy some outdoor time. Of course, there will be few passersby to wave to in the back yard (at least one hopes that is the case), but it still allows one to join the world and not be isolated. Well done. Kinda makes us wanna get ourselves one of those.


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