Mandy’s Porch: a Study in Green



Mandy’s front porch

IMG_20141111_095709 (1)IMG_20141111_095524

(Mississippi) Random driving in search of porches the other day, led me to fiery-haired Mandy and her little green bungalow and cozy front porch. Tucked in a little neighborhood filled with similar vintage homes, Mandy was excited that the home they had purchased just a few short years ago was now nearly paid for. They had made the conscious choice to move to this smaller home with its oversized porch, that jutted out slightly from the tidy square of the house itself. Fresh paint and trim, easy to grow plants, personal knick knacks, all these things helped her home and front porch unconsciously reflect her loving heart and welcoming spirit. On her porch, which she and her family use almost daily is a grill, a table and chairs and space for wee folk to play. Over in the corner is a little kitty bed and dish for a stray cat that roams around the neighborhood. Mandy and I had a sweet little chat, and I was grateful to have met her and seen her porch. Glad it called out to me and bid me welcome.

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