Hot Trends from 2014 Italian Tile Show

Italgraniti_ScrapwoodAs we saw from Cersaie, the recently held internationally acclaimed tile show in Bologna, Italy, the trend in tile is toward wood. Well, wood-look, that is.

If you love rain forests (the “lungs’ of the planet), you don’t have to prove that love by clear cutting all the trees in order to bring them into your home. Instead, you can use this spectacular tile that looks quite a bit like the real thing, but without the maintenance and guilt.

As Nigel F. Maynard reported this week in Residential Building Products and Technology, Neu Wood is one of the contenders for hottest trends. The style shown here is called “Italgranti Scrapwood” and it’s definitely crave worthy.


What we like about this tile is the “imperfections,” if you will, giving off a vibe of recycled and rustic lumber. It’s darn right heart warming. And we can’t help thinking how sweet and cool that would feel to our pets on a hot summer day.


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