Happy National Hammock Day!

Porch Hammock

If you’re lucky enough to have a hammock on your porch, celebrate today, July 22, by spending some time in it. Just grab your latest book and some iced tea, then stretch out and do your national duty! If you work during the day at one of those things called a j-o-b, you’ll be permitted by the laws of Front Porch Nation to delay your celebration until the weekend.

Hammocks were developed by natives of Central and South America for sleeping and were later used aboard ships by sailors for comfort and to maximize space. They were used by explorers or soldiers travelling in wooded regions and eventually by parents in the 1920s for containing babies just learning to crawl. Early hammocks were woven out of the bark from trees.

Hammock Porch SwingThe hammock above, the Sunshade Hammock ($165), is sold by Ten Thousand Villages, one of the world’s largest fair trade organizations with products that benefit artisans in over 35 countries. This one was handcrafted by artisans in Nicaragua and, according to the website of Ten Thousand Villages, half of those artisans are women. We feel the love.

Or for a smaller porch, the Lazy Afternoon Hammock Chair ($94.00) might be more up to speed.

Founded in 1946, Ten Thousand Villages has grown from the trunk of founder Edna Ruth Byler’s car to a network of more than 300 retail outlets throughout the United States. As the company continues to grow, Ten Thousand Villages has deliberately married the concept of fair trade with healthy and environmentally sustainable business practices. From store operations to product sourcing to marketing practices, Ten Thousand Villages strives to meet the “triple bottom line” of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Do you love the tassles and scalloped edges on the Sunshade hammock? And the softness of the hammock chair? We feel more relaxed just looking at them.

Check out more hammock happiness on Amazon.com:

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