Front Porches Help Provo, Utah, Remain a ‘Walking City’

l09a9fe44-m0rIn an opinion piece that heralds Provo, Utah, as a walking city, the city’s many front porches are part of the magic. Here’s what the piece said about that:

“Although recent home construction usually deletes the front porch, Provo is a city still full of front porches. And on these front porches sit a lot of people. And these people like to wave and say “hello.” I often see my neighbors on their front porch, and veer off my course to chew the fat with them. Strangers on their front porches just as often give me a friendly nod as I amble past, and when I get to my destination I find I have been smiling the entire time I’ve been walking. That’s gotta be healthy for my face. And my mindset.”

See the whole article.

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