For the Love of Porch

Erica on the PorchSo, it started off as a way to find just two more people to follow on Twitter before I called it a night in the social media world. I like things to have a sense of balance, whether that balance be in even or odd numbers, balance never-the-less.

So, 798 seemed to need just two more followers to round out to a nice, juicy 800. It had been a while since I had typed in the word “porch,” so I thought I would try again, thinking that there should be at least another dozen or so handles that had that word “porch” as a part of it.

Boy was I wrong! Make that HUNDREDS of names, handles or descriptors that used the word “porch.” Now, granted, the ones that also included curse words or that fancy automobile were quickly passed over, but it was interesting to me to see what kind of porch work is going on out there in the wide world. Check it out:

Porch Philosophy. This was a big one, and it has all manner of porch pontificating on it from all manner of people, including (PorchCoffee) and (MorningPorch), writers and musers both who ponder life via the front porch.

Porch Music. And not just amazing bluegrass, but all kinds of music and music festivals. Cool community things like (PorchFestKC) and the (NapaPorchFest), which celebrates 50 porches and 80 musical groups. HOW COOL IS THAT? That is just freaking awesome! This porchista thinks that participating in a PorchFest is definitely on the work agenda!

Porch Community. Like-minded souls that work to build community, provide shelter and feed the hungry. Groups like (FrontPorchForum) that have over 60,000 members in Vermont alone! You are our heroes!

Porch Builders. The ones who put the porches on the homes. You have our heartfelt thanks, all you deck, roof, contractors, supplies and bringer-together folks like and if you build or remodel a porch… we will give you free publicity and shout outs and kuddos and all that happy dancing stuff. For free. Because the world needs more front porches with people on them.

Porch Ranting. It seems that front porches are a safe place to rant your political views. And I respect that, but because we are a ‪#‎socialgood‬ group over here, I’ll just let you find those folks on your own search.

Porch Food. Restaurants, pubs, inns, and bakeries… these porch folks know that when you have “porch” in front of your name, it represents comfort, homey goodness. Think (PorchPies) and see, you want some, and all I did was say the name. That was just one of them, and there are dozens more, so I’m hungry now and breakfast is quite a ways away! Smart folks there. ‪#‎porchfood‬

Porch decor. It might be for your porch, or it might be something vintage from old by-gone days (VintagePorch). Either way, we want to see what these purveyors have got to show off and, if it can be incorporated onto a porch, we’ll show y’all too.

Porch Publishing. Who’d a thunk it? But then when you do think about it, you realize that porch publishing probably represents family and kids and breezy, summer days.

Porch Religion. Yep, you heard it here first. There is more than one. Yes, we followed them all. Who knows, we just might learn something interesting.

Porch Names. These are the cool people who actually have the name “porch” as a part of their name. Automatic golden ticket to Front Porch Nation love. Suprisingly (or not), these porch-named folk seem to have a commonality to them: positivity. Did I just make up a word?

So, here I sit, more than an hour later with WAY more than two new folks added to our social media list, and a whole lot more love of all things porch in my heart.

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