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Front Porch Tent

Is this not brilliant? It’s a tent with a front porch! From Northwest Territory.

Here’s what we’re thinking. Normally while camping, as in life without a front porch, you’re pretty much either in your domicile or outside in the elements. Black and white. One or the other.

But with a front porch tent, you get to enjoy that tender boundary between being all inside or all outside. You have your nice little space to be protected from light rain, from falling leaves and smallish pinecones, and from the sun. If mosquitos are a-buzzin’, you can zip up the front and tell those mosquitos what’s up.

So you set a few chairs out, grab your drinks, and wait for some interaction from neighboring campers or just enjoy the sunset or sunrise or high noon. It’s a universal language, when you’re on your front porch, even if it’s made of canvas and screening, you’re telling the world: I’m here. I want to be part of humanity. Welcome to my porch.

Might want one? Check it out here: Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent 18 X 12

Front Porch Tent


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