Erica and Kathy on the Expanding Porch — Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama

Dispatch from Erica the Porchista:

It was such a treat to visit Kathy’s small porch on my recent trip through Mobile. She and her dogs make their front porch a regular part of their daily life.

As she and I chatted for a few moments, her porch seemed to grow in warmth and openness, much like her obviously expansive heart. Three minutes earlier, I had never met this woman and yet here and now, in the moment, we had assessed each other on her porch and found kindred spirits.

Mobile, Alabama

As I felt her porch grow around me, I wondered if my family, watching from the family car, had any idea of the goodwill that was being created on this front porch.

It was like magic: I could feel it. This is why you sit on your front porch: to mingle and spread this kind of good neighborliness.

Kathy’s porch reflects light and airiness and a calm sense of welcome. The cheery red swing and coordinating mat and door are pops of color that flow and uplift the space instead of compete with it.

Mobile, Alabama

When I asked Kathy if I could take her picture with her precious dogs, she hesitated a little: after all she wasn’t in make up or dressed in special clothes.

“You are perfect,” I replied, “You are real, and you are here on your front porch. That is all that matters.”

As I left, she invited me to stop back by another time. That attitude, dear Front Porch Nation, is how you change the world.

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