Creating a Welcoming Place for Sons and Their Friends — Madison, Miss.


Meet Kim on her beatiful front porch. She was the first in the neighborhood to put her porch’s Fall Face on, and it has drawn repeated admiring gasps from those who get to see it.

Kim is the mother of three older boys, and her home is football central. Lots of older teens and young college friends gather at her gracious home to eat, watch the game and hangout. Kim is a cheery gal who dismisses the times certain neighbors call the police, because there are “too many cars” parked on the street or some other minor offense that may irk some of the more settled residents.


As we talked, on this balmy fall day, I sensed the determination of this strong woman to make her home a welcoming place not only for her sons, but also for her sometimes cranky neighbors, and also for the expansive world of her children as well.

Deep down, Porch Friends, isn’t that what we all want for our home, and is that not what a front porch embodies? To be a place of gathering together, of friendship, whether we have a family or not?

Go, Kim, go! From the bottom of all our Front Porch Nation hearts, thanks for your welcoming, generous front porch attitude! That kindness that keeps on doing the right thing, despite the occasionally cantankerous Grumpy Gus’s in the world. You are one of our Front Porch Nation heroes!

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