Congratulations to Our Gift Card Winners . . . Now Let’s Go Shopping!


Woo hoo! Our big launch contest has come to a close and let us say congratulations to our winners:

  • Elena Istomina
  • Andy Robinson
  • Amanda Helmintoller
  • Kelly Sievert

We are happy to have you as part of the Front Porch Nation, as well as all who entered. Now about those gift cards from Lowe’s. What to buy? What to buy? We did a little digging around and here are some ideas for around $25, or or less:


How about a string of lights or two to make your porch cozy at night? You can see them above. How gorgeous! Check it out.


Or, how about making a floor mat out of wood? This is a how-to project on the Lowe’s website. We’re not sure who go to all this trouble for a door mat. But we do want to point out that when you have an attractive door mat, it becomes part of your lovely porch decor, not just something you see briefly as you enter and exit your house. So, live it up! Here are the instructions.


You might want something in the greenery department. How about plants that attract butterflies? How is that for a little living porch decor? Lowe’s recommends that you pack window boxes, railing planters and containers with butterfly favorites such as butterfly bush, zinnias, and verbena.


Speaking of greenery, sometimes one end or another of your porch needs a little privacy. Have you considered plants for that? We’ve seen it done with rubber plants. Lowe’s suggests evergreen trees such as arborvitae, cypress or junipers. Or flowering standards such as roses: Knock Out is an especially disease resistant rose. Or you might think about tree-form versions of popular shrubs such as lantana and hibiscus.

Whatever you purchase for your porch, we porchistas over here at Front Porch Nation would sure like to see some pictures. You know how we are!

We’re at

Again, congratulations and we’ll see you on the porch!

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