Cedar Glider Bench From Amish Folk in Western Montana

Amish Glider Bench

We at Front Porch Nation love the look of this glider bench. We can almost feel the soft sway back and forth, back and forth, on a gentle weekend afternoon. We can hear the murmur of soft talk, between people who know each other well, pausing to nod or wave at their neighbors passing by.

This glider was made from locally harvested cedar and crafted by Amish folk in Western Montana.

Now we know the big question that comes to mind: Wait! There are Amish folk in Western Montana???

Apparently, yes. According to the Amish America website, there are five Amish communities in Western Montana. And at least some of them make glider porch benches.

This bench is 4 ft. wide, and you can also buy one that is 5 ft. wide, or a 2 ft. glider chair. We’ll take one of each. And we’ll see you on the porch!

Get yours here . . .

And here’s what you need to know about our Amish friends:

Amish in America

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