Builder & Architect Award: Enterprise Community Partners — Gulf Coast and Nationwide


This development, funded in part by Enterprise Community Partners, is in the Treme section of New Orleans. The previous buildings were destroyed by the levee failures in 2005. We love how this new development of affordable housing includes front porches. How cool is that? How easy it would have been to cut corners and not include front porches, just to make the make the bottom line look better. Bravo to this organization and all involved for including front porches in the design.


In the Treme neighborhood, these boys get to live in some pretty nice houses with front porches, thanks to Enterprise Community Partners and all involved. Front porches build community, and with a strong community, we all do better.

This isn’t exactly a builder or an architect, but Enterprise Community Partners is all about creating affordable homes through public-private partnerships that share one awesome vision: “That one day, every person will have an affordable home in a vibrant community, filled with promise and the opportunity for a good life.”

And guess what? A lot of the homes this organization makes possible have front porches. So we say: “Thank you and congratulations! You have just been awarded a Front Porch Nation Builder & Architect Award!”

Since 1982, the organization has raised and invested nearly $1.6 billion in equity, grants and loans to help build or preserve nearly 320,000 affordable rental and for-sale homes to create vital communities and more than half a million jobs nationwide.

Mississippi Cottage Square in Ocean Spring, Miss.

Mississippi Cottage Square in Ocean Spring, Miss.

Next door in Mississippi, residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina in Ocean Springs live in new energy-efficient homes at Cottage Square. Mississippi Cottage Square is the first Katrina cottage neighborhood in the state. The energy-efficient cottages are among the 3,000 that were built by the state of Mississippi as alternatives to the FEMA travel trailer. Enterprise is working with local nonprofits and housing developers to demonstrate how these cottages can provide high-quality, permanent affordable housing when used in an appropriate setting.

This video expresses what we at Front Porch Nation believe with all our hearts: Home is everything.

Please join us in thanking Enterprise Community Partners for all of the hard work and the lives they have improved all over the country.

Enterprise Community Partners

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