Birds on a Wire Wall Art — Can’t Stop Thinking About It

Birds on a Wire

Ever since we saw this Birds on a Wire outdoor wall art piece, it has come to mind several times. We know what that means: It is the wall art for us. And look at the Amazon reviews below!

This piece is not your usual sweet flowery wall art, yet it calls to us. We want to make sure not to make the mistake we’ve made too many times in the past, which is to ask a person with very different tastes, perhaps more conservative tastes, if this is the wall art for us.

No, no, no. Art is very subjective. We love what we love. It’s 48″ wide and has a dark bronze finish on powder-coated steel.

So, we’re posting it here until our own budget allows for its purchase. Until then, it will likely keep calling. Eventually, we’ll answer the call.

Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire

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