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Front Porch Nation educates the public about the societal importance of front porches, and promotes the construction and use of front porches as a way to strengthen communities.


Front Porch Nation is an initiative (non-profit status pending) for the social good, created by “porchistas” Kathy Price-Robinson, an award-winning building and architecture journalist, and Erica Robinson, a writer and new media specialist.

Young, hip, fresh, sustainable, socially aware — Front Porch Nation is a multi-media portal that promotes a “front porch culture” as a way to build and strengthen communities and transform society.

According to the mission of Front Porch Nation, the organization’s promotion of front porch living and its advocacy for front porch inclusion in new home stock and front porch additions to existing housing stock will cause neighborhoods to change.

With front porches, neighbors know each other better, which leads to greater community cohesion to address civic issues, increases friendliness and decreases isolation. This also leads to greater success for neighborhood watch programs.

Kathy Price-Robinson, CEO/Editor
Erica Robinson, COO/Marketing

Erica Robinson, Porchista


Front Porch Nation is a joint creation of
Kathy Price-Robinson and
Erica Robinson.

Welcome to the porch!


Bio: Kathy Price-Robinson is a longtime building and architecture journalist. Her award-winning home remodeling series, “Pardon Our Dust,” ran 13 years in the Los Angeles Times. She also wrote a blog with the same name for The Times. Kathy is the co-author of “Kitty Bartholomew’s Decorating Style” (Rodale, 2005), which she wrote with the beloved HGTV star, and is a frequent contributor to a wide variety of industry and consumer shelter magazines and websites.

Kathy has won various awards and grants for her work, including the first Ralph Bivins Fellowship from the National Association of Real Estate Editors. The Appraisal Research Foundation has awarded Kathy several grants, up to $10,000 each, to to help educate appraisers about sustainability and green building. You can see a collection of Kathy’s work, honors and accomplishments at KathyPrice.com.

Bio: Erica Robinson is the COO of Front Porch Nation. As a “porchista,” Erica enthusiastically travels across the country, meeting strangers on their front porches and learning their stories of inspiration, taking pictures and helping to spread awareness and social change for the good. Her message is: Come out of your isolation and be a part of your community. This is how we use our front porches. Over the course of recent months, she has traveled over 5,000 miles, photographing, interviewing and cataloging her various experiences in Mississippi, South Carolina, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Florida and beyond.

Erica also oversees the marketing and social media arm of the Front Porch Nation. Previously, Erica worked freelance as Director of Media/Production for ThinkWebstore, where she managed client marketing budgets, media placement, and print production. Using cross-platform marketing strategies, she created a unique relationship between vendors and clients where the goal was a symbiotic relationship, where all could celebrate a “win.” One favorite example is when a client’s projected ROI was not only met, but surpassed by several million dollars (M&F Bank’s Auto Loan Campaign). This is the power of teams working in cohesive collaboration. Prior to her freelance work at Think, Erica worked freelance for other marketing agencies in the metro Jackson area, as well as working with personal clients, both in Canada and the U.S.

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