A New Daybed on My Porch: What Makes It Work?

My New Daybed

I’m so enchanted with the new daybed on my front porch. I’ve had it installed for over a month now and I’m still in love with it, morning, noon and night. I’ve posted an image of my porch that is not magazine perfect. Notice that the quilt on the bed is a little rumpled. The pillows along the back are not placed with precision. This is how my daybed looks in my daily experience. This is real life.

I posted this photo on my personal Facebook page and a lot of my friends really, really liked it. So that made me wonder: What makes this porch work? Here are some reasons I think this is working:

  1. The daybed takes up the whole width of the porch, from the wall of the house to the railing. While that’s not necessarily the best scenario when it comes to rain hitting the bed, it certainly looks and feels cozy.
  2. There is a table, which is a nice place to sit down to a meal, or a laptop. This is a Golden Rule for porches: Every seating arrangement on a porch must have a table or somewhere to set things down. Otherwise, it’s just awkward.
  3. Lots of fabrics are involved. And I do love fabrics. You can see the tablecloth, the cloth on the tablecloth, the quilt, a folded quilt, the various colors of pillows, and the various curtains. Again, cozy.
  4. The curtains give this porch a sense of boundaries and protection. At night, I release the various clips and let the curtains give more privacy. I could do better with these curtains. These are all castoffs from my house: a tablecloth, a dust ruffle, and (surprise!) an actual curtain.
  5. The folded quilt is a nice touch as you can almost imagine lying down and pulling that over you for a mid-day nap.
  6. The greenery and charming house next door are visible from the porch. If there was a toxic waste dump next door, the look would be totally different. Thank goodness for zoning laws.
  7. The curly cues of the porch details are lovely, created during the 1930s when this house was built.
  8. Porch screening is awesome! Actually, this screening doesn’t look that good from the outside, as it’s pretty much black and those on the sidewalk can’t see in, though I can see out. So the charm is not there for passersby to enjoy. But this porch is a working porch, well used, and not just a pretty face.

That’s all I can think of. Lots of elements that make this porch one that I wanna use, and boy do I! Can’t wait for today’s nap time. C-O-Z-Y!




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  1. Negar Sanchez // December 10, 2015 at 10:38 pm // Reply

    I love this website! Inspiring!

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